Cornerstones of Best Practice: Debriefing

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Description: An effective debriefing is what allows the lessons of the simulation experience to be integrated and synthesized within the learner.  Novice simulations however are often challenged by conducting a robust and meaningful debriefing.  This module will discuss the basic principles and theoretical underpinnings of debriefing.  Learners will be engaged with focused didactics and interactive components.  Learners should be able to add new skills to their debriefing toolbox after completely this module.   

CNE: 1.0


The Debriefing Process
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.
Gap Analysis Assignment - Debriefing
Upload 1 files to pass.
Upload 1 files to pass. As you complete each of the four modules (Prebriefing, Facilitation, Debriefing, and Professional Integrity), you will encounter a slide that reads “Are we meeting the standard?”. On that slide, there will be a gap analysis form. Please make sure to download the form. It will also be listed under the handouts tab.
Cornerstones of Best Practice: Debriefing Evaluation
10 Questions
Certificate of Completion
1.00 CNE credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 CNE credit  |  Certificate available